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In Person Class Update

Beginning Monday, February 8th, up to 14 students can register for each class. Even with this small increase, students must book a class through ClubReady before attending. We are excited to offer space to more students at each class, and are confident we can still maintain high health and safety standards for our students and staff.

In Person Class Information

We are going strong with in person classes as both locations! As of Monday, September 14th 11 students can book a space in each in person class. In order to make sure we keep our numbers where they need to be, don’t forget you must book your classes through ClubReady each week. Classes booked one week do not carry over to the next. If you need your ClubReady username and password reset sent again, please let us know!

Make sure that you are familiar with all the policies and protocols on our Safe Operating Information page before you come to in person classes. This includes the current St Louis County order that masks must be worn at all times in public buildings.

You can login to your ClubReady account at

ClubReady for In Person and Small Group Sign Ups

The Park’s Martial Arts Team is excited to offer so many important resources in one spot with ClubReady! We have already been using the ClubReady software at the Clarkson Clayton location for attendance check ins, but now our students can utilize ClubReady to view class schedules, update important information, and sign up for in person and small group classes.

You can log into your ClubReady account at

Black Belt Manuals

Are you getting ready for your first black belt testing? Interested in learning more about the history of Tae Kwon Do and Korea? Looking for a great resource to aid in your martial arts journey? You need a Park’s Martial Arts 1st Degree Black Belt Manual!

These manuals contain all color belt techniques, as well as information about Tae Kwon Do and Korea. They are a great resource to have on hand for all levels of student.

1st Degree Black Belt Student Manuals are available for purchase at both schools. The price of the student manual is $30.

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