Tae Kwon Do Belts

Taekwondo awards levels and belts according to the level of mastery demonstrated by the student. Low levels are from Level 8 to Level 1, and high levels are from the lowest 1 ‘dan’ or 1 ‘pum’ to the highest 4 ‘dan’ or 4 ’pum’. ‘Dan’ and ‘pum’ signifies the same thing, but the term ‘pum’ is used for those 15 or under while the term ‘dan’ applies to anyone 16 or older. Each level has its own ‘Poomsae’, a predetermined set of movements that one can use to gain practice against an imaginary opponent. Different colored belts are awarded according to the level attained.

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Level Belt Color: Pumsae
Low Level White basic form #1 (10 kup)
Yellow basic form #2 (9th kup)
Orange tae guek 1 jang (8th kup)
Green tae guek 2 jang (7th kup)
Blue tae guek 3 jang (6th kup)
Purple tae guek 4 jang (5th kup)
Brown tae guek 5 jang (4th kup)
High Level High-Brown tae guek 6 jang (3rd kup)
Red tae guek 7 jang (2nd kup)
High-Red tae guek 8 jang (1st kup)
Rec-Black review all form 0 kup

* The belt colors outlined above are the basics, but depending on the discretion of a Taekwondo master, belt colors offered at a specific place of learning can increase or decrease.