Birthday Parties

Birthday Party

This year, have a special Tae Kwon Do Birthday Party at PMA!
Professionally staffed parties are held on Saturday afternoon for 1hr 30 min. and are great for kids ages 5 and up. (Times vary by location & availability)

All parents of guests are encouraged to stay and watch the fun! To schedule your party, call a location below that works best for you:

                                          Basic Birthday Party

The basic party includes:

  • Fun Exercises & Game
  • A Tae Kwon Do Demonstration
  • Participate in a mini Tae Kwon Do class & learn basic self- defense techniques
  • Receives personalized invitation cards
  • We do the clean up

Limit 15 kids

  • Cost of the party is $120 for PMA students, $ 150 for non-students
  • $5 for each additional guest


                                     Deluxe Birthday Party

The Deluxe Birthday Party includes everything of the basic birthday party and also:

    • 2 large 1 topping pizzas of your choice
    • 2 two-liter sodas of your choice
    • Unlimited Birthday guests

Cost of the party $ 180 for PMA students, $ 200 for non-students